8 Best Angular IDE in 2021 for Angular Development

8 Best Angular IDE in 2021 for Angular Development

This article will tell you about the eight best Angular IDEs for Angular Programming.

Angular is a framework for javascript development that Google developed in 2009. When developing software, code, and testing, developers employ various tools and frameworks. Those tools chosen in the market for some development processes provide hands-on productivity, especially for Angular development. A revolution occurred in web development with the advent of Angular. It allowed developers to combine JavaScript with HTML and CSS. Moreover, choosing an Angular IDE is difficult, so here we present eight top Angular IDEs to use in your daily development routine:

As a web developer, learning AngularJS will surely be an added advantage for you.

Angular IDE

angular-card.png This IDE is built specifically for Angular by Webclipse. Beginners will find it easy to learn, while Angular experts will discover it influential. It is available as a standalone plugin and the Eclipse plugin, built first for tsconfig.json management. Moreover, it supports the advanced editing of TypeScript 3.0. It is fully optimized to make the most of Angular. Some key features include:

  • Angular CLI integration

  • Block and full-file formatting

  • Real-time validation and display of errors while you code.

  • Supports Angular 7

  • Advanced HTML templates with validation and autocomplete

  • Syntax-aware source coloring and occurrence highlighting

  • TypeScript 3.0 validation and debugging


how-to-install-packages-in-atom-lede.jpg Atom is a beneficial code editor tool for programmers who prefer a simple interface compared to a complicated one. It is built using Electron, a framework for creating desktop applications using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Moreover, the application is customizable, often updated with new packages and themes. Some key features of this software include:

  • Cross-platform editing

  • Numerous panes

  • Supports Command Palette

  • Smart autocompletion

  • Integrated Package Manager for Plugins support.

Visual Studio Code


The Visual Studio Code is a feature-rich code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Moreover, it offers support for TypeScript, includes debugging and intelligent code completion based on variables, functions, and imported modules. Some key features include:

  • It allows you to debug code from the editor.

  • Always on IntelliSense

  • It provides extensions to add new languages, themes, debuggers to gain the asset of supplementary services.

  • It offers Smart Code completion based on variable types, imported modules, and function definition.

Sublime Text

0xt5oihkmnqhbmlwtzm2.png Sublime Text is a code editor, which comes with a rich set of extensions called Packages. These packages extend the syntax and editing features. It supports all OS X, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Some key features of this software include:

  • Ability to highlight syntax.

  • Support for TypeScript code editing

  • Plugin API

  • Administer UTF8 BOMs in .gitignore files.
  • Display badges for files and folders to signify Git status.

  • Command Palette

  • Custom UI toolkit


webstormlogo.png Webstorm comes powered by IntelliJ, which Jetbrains develops. It is a splendid choice for coding Angular apps based on Typescript. In addition, it allows integration with the VSC and provides innovative coding assistance. Additionally, it comes with a plugin ecosystem, enabling complete customization, local History features, and much more. Some key features include:

  • Supports latest technologies

  • Smart coding assistance

  • Built-in terminal

  • Easy tool integration

  • Version control system

  • Debugging, Tracing, and testing


Brackets (1).png With its open-source status, Brackets is a lightweight yet powerful IDE for Angular development. It is a mix of visual tools in a code editor and offers support for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Moreover, Angular developers acknowledge it as better assistance to progress with their creative process. Some key features include:

  • Preprocessor support

  • Inline Editors

  • Live preview


Untitled design.jpg ALM is a cloud-based IDE for Typescript, which helps you code easily for TypeScript projects. Using it is easy, and it removes all the obstacles to using Typescript. Anyone can install this IDE using a single npm command. Some key features include:

  • Lightweight

  • Made for Typescript

  • Excludes barriers of entry into TypeScript

Aptana Studio

logoAptana.png Aptana Studio is an open-source IDE for Angular favored for developing websites and applications. Based on Eclipse, you can utilize it to optimize PHP, CSS, Java, and HTML. Further, it also presents numerous plugins that allow extensions for third-party applications. Also, if you need Aptana for Angular support, you should add the Angular JS Elipse extension. Some key features include:

  • Fully customizable

  • Deployment wizard

  • Code assistance for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Testing tools

  • In-built terminal

Get a good foundation of angular concepts by learning Angular.

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